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Invited speakers

  • Raymond Devillers : Deadlock Avoidance, Non-Linearity and Games
    Deadlocks lead to interesting questions and techniques, more subtile than usually thought, that led to some mistakes or difficulties that we shall exhibit. In particular, we shall show how the introduction of an asymmetric game allows to correct a flaw in the deadlock avoidance field.
    Keywords: deadlock, detection, prevention, avoidance, game interpretation
  • Laurent Fribourg : Simulation + Uncertainty = Model-Checking
    Methods based on numerical simulation are today intensively used for finding the correct values of input parameters of a numerical system. However, in presence of uncertainties or disturbances of the inputs, simulation methods cannot guarantee that the system always continue to behave satisfactorily. We present an alternative approach based on "model checking" that guarantees the robustness of the system in presence of uncertainty. We also explain how the model checking approach can be used to synthesise a feedback law in the case where one of the inputs is controllable.
  • Hans-Michael Hanisch : Building Closed-loop Models for Discrete Controller Design
    This contribution is dedicated to design of discrete controllers in manufacturing at the sensor/actuator level as subset of discrete controller design. Closed-loop modeling is the core issue of automatic control and makes it a unique science. It must be therefore a major concern in the community dealing with discrete controller design to come up with closed-loop models as well.
    extended abstract