Programme VECoS 2016

Day 1: Thursday, October 6th
8:30 Registration
9:15 Opening session Azgal Abichou, Kamel Barkaoui (General Co-chairs), Adel Benzina (OC chair), Mohamed Ghazel, Mohamed Jmaïel (PC Co-chairs)
9:30 Invited Talk 1 Serge Haddad:

Chair: M. Ghazel Exact and Approximate Diagnosis of Probabilistic Systems
10:30 Cofee Break
11:00 Session 1
Chair: D. Aïssani
Probabilistic Verification

Ayoub Nouri, Marius Bozga, Axel Legay and Saddek Bensalem:

Performance Evaluation of Complex Systems Using the SBIP Framework

Zohra Hmidi, Laid Kahloul, Saber Benharzallah and Cherifa Othmane:

Statistical Model Checking of CSMA/CA in WSNs

Maissa Elleuch, Osman Hasan, Sofiene Tahar and Mohamed Abid:

Formal Probabilistic Analysis of Lifetime for a WSN-based Monitoring Application
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Session 2
Chair: B. Monsuez
Fault Tolerance and Performance Evaluation

Yves Mouafo Tchinda, Annie Geniet-Choquet and Gaëlle Largeteau-Skapin:

Dynamic Feasibility Windows Reconfiguration For a Failure-Tolerant PFair Scheduling

Assia Outamazirt, Mohamed Escheikh, Djamil Aïssani, Kamel Barkaoui and Ouiza Lekadir:

On the Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Cloud Computing Centers Using M/G/c/c+r Queuing System

Yazid Mohand, Bouallouche-Medjkoune Louiza and Aïssani Djamil:

Performance Study of Frame Aggregation Mechanisms in the New Generation WiFi

Abderraouf Boussif and Mohamed Ghazel:

Using Model-Checking Techniques for Diagnosability Analysis of Intermittent Faults - A Railway Case-Study
16:30 Cofee break
17:00 Session 3
Chair: B. Ben Hedia
Model-Checking & Test

Maximilian Senftleben and Klaus Schneider:

Specifying Weak Memory Consistency with Temporal Logic

Afef Jmal Maâlej and Moez Krichen:

A Model Based Approach to Combine Load and Functional Tests for Service Oriented Architectures

Wided Ghardallou, Nafi Diallo and Ali Mili:

Relative Correctness: A Bridge Between Proving and Testing

19:00 Dinner
Day 2: Friday, October 7 th
8:30 Registration
9:00 Invited Talk 2
Chair: K. Barkaoui
Eric Badouel
Petri net synthesis from labelled transition systems and from languages
10:00 Cofee Break
10:30 Session 4
Chair: M. Jmaïel
Protocols and Distrubuted Systems

Safa Saoudi, Souheib Yousfi and Riadh Robbana:

ePassport Protocol on the Spi Calculus

Imene Benhafaiedh and Maroua Ben Slimane:

Model-based Design and Formal Analysis of Arbitration Protocols on Multiple-Bus Architecture

Sarah Benyagoub, Meriem Ouederni and Yamine Ait Ameur:

Towards correct Evolution of Conversation Protocols
12:30 Lunch

15:00 Panel Session
«Réflexions, actions et opportunités pour la promotion
de la recherche et de l'innovation en Informatique au Maghreb." Lieu : Beit al-Hikma

17:30 Closing Session