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Workshop Programme


9:15-9:30: Opening session

9:30-10:30: Invited talk by Roberto Bruni, Computer Science Department, University of Pisa, Italy


Early validation and analysis of adaptive systems using Maude

10:30: Coffee break

11:00-12:30: Specification and verification   


Zakaria Benzadri, Chafia Bouanaka and Faiza Belala
On Specifying and Verifying Cloud Systems

Thouraya Bouabana-Tebibel and Stuart H. Rubin
The association ends at the basis of weak sequencing validation

Khadija Abid, Laid Kahloul, L.H Mous and Okba Kazar
Formal Specification of a Mobile Agent Based Maintenance for Manufacturing Systems

12:30 Lunch

14:30-15:30 Invited talk by 
Karama Kanoun, LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France


Software Dependability Assessment — A Reality or A Dream?

15:30 Coffee break

16:00-17:00: Dependability   


Alexander Gouberman, Martin Riedl and Markus Siegle
Transformation of LARES performability models to continuous-time Markov reward models

Andrea Bonacchi, Alessandro Fantechi, Stefano Bacherini, Matteo Tempestini and Leonardo Cipriani
Testability of Configuration Tools for an Industrial Safety Critical Application

FRIDAY, November 22th

09:30-10:30: Invited talk by Michaël Rusinowitch, LORIA-INRIA-Lorraine, Nancy, France


Automated verification of security protocols and application to services

10:30: Coffee break

11:00-12:00: Software verification   


Vladimir-Alexandru Paun, Bruno Monsuez and Philippe Baufreton
Hierarchical Timed Abstract State Machines for Hard Real-Time Embedded Processors

Brahim Nasraoui, Riadh Robbana and Tayssir Touili
Analysis of Multithreaded Recursive Programs with Floating Point Variables

12:00: Lunch

14:00-15:30: Performance evaluation   


Farah Aït Salaht, Hind Castel, Jean-Michel Fourneau and Nihal Pekergin
Modeling Networks and Active Queues Management with Stochastic Bounds and Histograms

Elkhir Mohamed El Amine Zouaoui, Lakhdar Derdouri and Nadia Zeghib
A Simulation Based Performance Evaluation of NJM and NDM Dynamic Multicast Algorithms for Wireless Mesh Networks

Celia Ouanteur, Nadjet Khoulalene, Djamil Aïssani and Louiza Bouallouche-Medjkoune
A Novel Clustering Algorithm for Energy Efficiency Multiple Input Multiple Output (ANCAEE MIMO)

15:30: Coffee break

16:00-16:30: Closing session